The Mansour Voice: Investing in Innovation

December 21, 2020

The sixth episode of The Mansour Voice featuring Mr. Mohamed Mansour, Founder and Chairman of Man Capital.

In the sixth episode of The Mansour Voice, our podcast series, Mr. Mohamed Mansour, Founder and Chairman of Man Capital, talks about his technology investments, how Man Capital has performed in 2020, and the outlook for the tech sector with Ramy Adeeb of 1984 Ventures, the Man Capital-backed venture capital firm.

“We are constantly looking for theses for changes in consumer behaviour, such as the adoption of e-commerce, or the adoption of mobile, or the adoption of telemedicine, and invest around those changes. Our investment criteria is simple – we invest in team, market, product, in that order. A strong team will iterate and pivot until they find success within a particular market,” says Mr Adeeb in the podcast.

Mr. Mansour adds: “The challenge for long-term investors like ourselves is to identify the trends that are short-term and those which reflect permanent shifts.”