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Article — 03/11/2020

In this interview with Bloomberg, Mansour Group Co-Chairman, Mohamed Mansour, discusses why he set up Man Capital — the Family Office of the Mansour Group — and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected its investment strategy.

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Press Release — 22/09/2020

Stock valuations have been inflated by Central Bank interventions and public sector stimulus programmes and in general are not reflecting the true scale and impact of the Covid-19 crisis, according to Mr. Mohamed Mansour.

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Podcast — 09/11/2020

In the fifth episode of The Mansour Voice, the Mansour Group’s podcast, Mr. Mohamed Mansour, Chairman of the Mansour Group and the Founder and Chairman of Man Capital, considers the impact of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. “I always try to be optimistic, but there is a lot of uncertainty around at the moment,” he says in the interview. Mr Mansour also reports continued strong performance at a number of units of the Mansour Group, including its businesses in the automotive and heavy equipment and machinery sectors, Al-Mansour Automotive and Mantrac.

Article — 08/07/2020

Mr. Mohamed Mansour, Chairman of Man Capital and Co-Chairman of the Mansour Group, writing for Private Equity News, predicts that family offices will build on a decade of growth to become an established facet of the alternative landscape globally over the next ten years.

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Article — 04/04/2019

Spread across more than 100 countries, the Mansour Group propelled Mohamed Mansour and his brothers into the billionaires’ club in 2011, making them one of Egypt’s most influential families.

In this interview with Forbes Middle East, Mr. Mansour discusses the history of the Mansour Group and how the Mansour Family Office — Man Capital — is looking to invest in the future.

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