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Article — 12/11/2022

In an interview with Bloomberg during the COP27 conference, Mohamed Mansour said he’s cut his investments in social media including stakes in Twitter and Facebook while boosting his involvement in green projects, like building electric cars for the Middle East’s most populous country.

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Article — 06/10/2022

We are described as “one of the most dynamic” family offices in the world in a profile by Family Capital magazine.

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Article — 17/12/2022

Our chairman discusses his pioneering investments in technology, renewables, electric cars and even football, as well as his love of the UK, in an interview with the Telegraph.

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Article — 03/11/2020

Mohamed Mansour enjoys the challenge of managing his own fortune. The 72-year-old billionaire set up an investment firm a decade ago to oversee his family’s wealth the same way he and his brothers built their closely held business into a global firm

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