Vision, mission and strategy

Our vision

 “We are building for the future; we want to grow the business in new sectors and geographies and become a global player.”Mr. Mohamed Mansour

Our mission

At Man Capital, we are looking to invest in new sectors and geographies, in particular, new technologies. The global presence of the Mansour Group provides us with a front-row seat, enabling us to witness how the world is evolving and how we can be a part of it.

We take a long-term approach to our investments, supporting their growth through our expertise and our global presence. In return, we are always looking to partner with dedicated business and like-minded Family Offices seeking to build the next champions in their respective sector.

We are purpose-driven in our investments, optimistic and striving to create a brighter future for the company, the community and the broader social ecosystem.

Our strategy

Our diverse international team draws on decades of experience and unrivalled connections, particularly in high-growth markets, and data-driven analysis to source investment opportunities around the globe.

We have completed major investments in various industries in both developed and developing markets. We invest across multiple sectors and regions, using our management and strategic expertise, global network, long-standing partnerships and relationships with Fortune 500 companies to add value.

We take strategic positions in high-growth and sustainable companies across a range of sectors including education, healthcare, logistics, renewable energy, real estate, technology and telecommunications.